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If you want to get a mortgage from a bank, you have to help them understand your personal finances & your business finances.
Banks - and other traditional lenders - don't understand what it means to be self-employed.
Our experienced loan experts can help. It might not be as "impossible" as you think.
Have you been rejected for a home loan?
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Self-employed borrowers make 81% more money than the average borrower yet they receive less than 50% of all loans.
You just need the right information to present to lenders.
You don't need a 9 to 5 job to own a house.
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People who own their own business view their INCOME different than people who work a 9 to 5 job. We understand completely.


Many self-employed people have trouble explaining the difference between their personal assets and their ACTUAL ASSETS to standard lenders like banks.


Your CREDIT RATING is an essential part of getting a good mortgage rate. You should expect to put down at least 25% of the total loan amount, no matter what.

We are mortgage experts

Even better, we are experts when it comes to helping the self-employed find a top quality lender who will approve a mortgage loan for the amount you.

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We can answer all of your questions

If you put down 25% or more, we can help

Joseph has his own transportation business. He only had 2 years on the job…
Kiran was working toward a contract on a new home for 6 months when…
Gladys and Gloria are sisters, they have a small house cleaning business that employs…