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We are experts in guiding self-employed individuals in the mortgage options available. We will help match you with the mortgage that best meets your needs and budget.


Mortgages 101 for the Self-Employed

Too many self-employed people in America are denied home loans. And many of the self-employed people who do get loans from lenders – like banks and mortgage companies – often get a bad deal. Most of the mortgage rates that lenders advertise are only for “prime borrowers” with near-perfect credit scores. At Mortgages For Self Employed, we can help you beat those odds. Mortgage loans self employed and want that dream house?  You have come to the right place

You do not need a perfect credit score or a 9-to-5 office job in order to get a fair deal on a mortgage. With our free guidance, you can own your own home, and work in it too. This country was built by strong, independent entrepreneurs. That still means something here in America. If you own your business and you’ve been profitable over time, then you are a successful entrepreneur. There is no test to pass and no license needed to become a business owner. 10 million Americansare self-employed.

A recent Zillow Study uncovered some very discouraging truths about mortgages for the self-employed:

Self-employed borrowers receive less than half the total number of home purchase loan quotes. Meanwhile, the same study showed that those self-employed borrowers make 81% more money than other potential borrowers.

How can this be? This is the case because self-employed borrowers are twice as likely to report a credit score below 680. But the truth of the matter is that a low credit score is not an automatic rejection for a home loan.

The solution

You have two options: Make a different case to your lender or find a lender with different loan practices.

That is exactly what MortgagesForSelfEmployed.com will help you do – get a good deal on a loan by showing the right detailed information to the right lender so that they can understand why you are truly a reliable person and a high quality applicant for a loan.

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