Here is what some of our very satisfied customers had to say about Mortgagesforselfemployed.com

We are both freelancers in the advertising industry for over 10 years. We find that being self-employed allows of the freedom and flexibility to earn more money than working for someone else. Recently wewanted to buy a home but were unsure if we could qualify. Together we made more than $200,000 a year but whenever we went to a traditional bank we were told to bring our W2’s which we did not have. We wanted to qualify for the mortgage that we needed but were afraid we would be taken advantage of because we were self-employed. We are happy we found Mortgages for Self Employed. They guided us through the entire process and provided us the information and ultimately the mortgage we needed. Best of all when we compared we found they put us in a better program then traditional banks. Today we have our dream home and are very grateful.
Miguel and Ana Franco
Freelance Advertising Professionals
I own a massage/acupuncture partnership in New York City. I earn over 125,000 a year but the majority of my income is cash. I also had student loans, car payments and insurance payments. I was always told I would never qualify for a mortgage until I found Mortgages for Self Employed. They sat down with me and laid out a plan of action on how to achieve my dream of owning a home.They helped me put together all my paperwork and figure out how much I would qualify for. Once I found out what I was pre-approved for, I was able to then start searching for the home that met my budget. If you are self-employed you should consider contacting Mortgages for self employed.com
Terri Gerber
Wellness therapist
As an auto mechanic my yearly income levels are very erratic. I have very busy months and also very slow ones. Planning for the future is difficult and getting a mortgage was one of the most difficult experiences of my life. Until I discovered mortgages for self employed.com They understood my position completely and worked with hundreds of individuals just like me. They gave me the tools to figure out how I could get a mortgage. Today me and my family own a home and we couldn't be happier.
Javier Torres
Auto Mechanic
The team of Mortgages for Self Employed are truly experts. They answered all my questions and helped my get the mortgage that I wanted 5 years ago. Today I’m working with them to get a second property.
Brenda Retsas
If you are self employed and want to buy a home don’t waste your time waiting and saving money because you think you will never qualify for a mortgage. Let the team of Mortgages for Self Employed help figure out what you qualify for. They are fast and very friendly.
Anton Sobotka
Film and Video producer
Mortgages for Self Employed helped me get my mortgage approval in as little as 2 weeks. I found the home I wanted and needed to get approved fast. They worked with me to ensure I got the funds I needed and now I got the house I wanted. Great job guys. Thank you
Irina Palov
Hair Stylist/Makeup Artist
I immigrated from India over 5 years ago and own a convenience store in New York. I wanted to buy a house but didn’t think I could do it alone because I was an immigrant and I was self employed. Mortgages for self employed walked me through the process and gave me the confidence to go out and find a home. I now own a multifamily home in Queens, NY and am very happy.
Rajeev Patel
Convenience Store Owner
My entire family immigrated from Columbia and we wanted to stop renting and buying buy a home. We all are self employed so we thought it would be impossible for us to establish ourselves in the United States. We went to Mortgages for self employed and they really helped us. They spoke Spanish and helped us in putting together the necessary paperwork in English. They made the process very simple for us and they were all very nice.
Carlos Caballero
Restaurant Worker